Welcome to Toronto Zouk !

Rio-style Zouk dance lessons

Toronto Zouk is a dance company which represents a community of dancers around Toronto Canada, who are very interested to learn and dance the Brazilian Zouk dance styles known as Zouk-Lambada.
We started to promote Zouk in Toronto in November 2009 as we founded then a Facebook group named "Toronto Zouk" - a central place where anybody can find and post the latest news about various events, and a place which has been supporting the evolution of Zouk in Toronto connected to Canada and the whole world.

We have been teaching Rio-style Zouk in Toronto since February 2012, and we are committed to provide an authentic foundation for everyone who wants to learn to dance Brazilian Zouk in Toronto.

  Full Schedule:  

   Wednesdays, every week, at "805 Studio" ( 805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto ) inside Dovercourt House - Lower Level

•   7:00pm - 8:00pm : Beginner  2 - Course of 5-week lessons starting Wednesday, October 1.

        Recommended to the students who took the Beginner 1 course previously, or to the dancers who know already a few basic moves such as:
        lateral/corredor, turns, soltinho, yo-yo, etc..

       Price: $10 / hour . You can buy here a Full Pass at %20 discount for the whole 5-week course, for $40 :

•   8:00pm - 9:00pm : Beginner / Intermediate - Drop-In lessons (no registration required; attend any sessions you can)

        Recommended to those who already know most of the moves learned in the Beginner 1 and 2 courses, and who want to learn more complex moves and
        patterns. We aim to teach a total of 12-15 moves for this level.

        Price: $10 / hour - You can pay in cash at every lesson which you attend, OR

                                 - You can buy here a Full Pass at %20 discount for 5 lessons, for $40 :


Valentin & Rosany - Zouk demo at WZS (VDE pre-party)
- May 15, 2014

Valentin & Roxy - Zouk performance in Guelph, Ontario
- February 1, 2014

Valentin & Roxy - Zouk performance at TPA club
- December 20, 2013

Valentin & Rebecca - demo Brazilian Zouk - Intermediate level
- June 2012, at "The 8.0.5" studio

This was a free dancing demo (no choreography, no rehearsal) made to show
Intermediate level moves, mostly from Rio-style Zouk.

Contact: info@torontozouk.com                                                                                                                                 Last update: September 28, 2014